Spending that helps your Savings Grow
Don’t miss out on the chance to earn more tickets for all of your everyday spend.
Every dollar counts
Receive 100 tickets for every $1 spent! In each calendar month you spend $1,000 on your debit card, you'll earn 100,000 bonus tickets!
Get your purchase on us!
Each day, we will randomly pick debit card transactions to refund! You could get your entire purchase free and paid for by us!
Save more, faster
Earn an extra 0.05% to your Savings Bonus when you spend $1,000 in a month!
Earn more chances to win.
Spend on your everyday purchases and earn more chances to win prizes, each week!
Price Protection from MasterCard

Your PrizePool Debit Card offers price protection for those valuable purchases.

Manage your PrizePool Debit Card from the app

Lost, damaged or stolen card? Lock or unlock your card and request a replacement card right in the app if you need it.

Easier and faster access to your savings

With the PrizePool Debit Card, have immediate access to your savings when you need it.

When will the PrizePool Debit Card be available?
We are aiming for early fall for our release of the PrizePool Debit Card
Is there a signup bonus?
If you spend $1,000 within a calendar month, you'll earn a bonus of 100,000 tickets! You can earn this bonus each subsequent month you spend $1,000!
How does the waitlist work?
The waitlist will be first come, first served with priority given to those who the highest number of referrals!
Is everyone eligible for the PrizePool Debit Card?
Only eligible for users who are 18+ years old and who reside within the US. Users will also have to pass our bank's identity verification process to be eligible to receive a PrizePool Debit card.
A word from our Savers:
Wish I knew about this sooner
This is a neat alternative to regular savings accounts. I'm just disappointed that I didn't find out about it sooner.
Great Experience
PrizePool is a fun and exciting way to save money and earn dividends on your investment. All transactions have been smooth, no problems. Have earned more dividends in the last couple of months compared to bank dividends from all of last year.
Thrill of a lottery but no risk
Great savings app the thrill of playing a scratcher but able to keep your money...
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