Deposits are held with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC and its partner banks 4
There are no minimums to get started and no hidden fees for the accounts.
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How it works
Save, earn, and win with PrizePool. Combining the thrill of a sweepstakes (like a no-risk lottery) with the benefits of savings, you'll increase your chances to win $1 Million⁶ any time, any day.
Earn Rewards As You Spend and Save Start with PrizePool to earn more chances to win cash prizes in our sweepstakes, including the chance of $1 Million⁶!
Stack Up Your Savings with a 4.50% Savings Bonus! On top of your cash prizes, you can earn an annualized 4.50% on your entire Stacked balance — that's 15x higher than the national average rate.
Get cash bonuses for referrals When you refer a friend to PrizePool, you win 10% of any cash prizes they win from the weekly drawings!
Deposits held with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC and its partner banks.
Deposits are held by our partner bank, Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC and its partner banks. Learn more here.
Savings Made Fun
PrizePool has many exciting ways to win cash prizes. Join our Weekly Drawing for a chance to win prizes every week! Feeling lucky? Try PrizeWheel, our on-demand instant experience, for a shot at the grand prize of $1 Million⁶.
Neither Evolve Bank & Trust nor the FDIC are involved in the sweepstakes.
Get Rewarded for Spending
Get rewarded for your expenses with a PrizePool Debit Card. Every eligible PrizePool Debit transaction has a chance of winning up to 100% cash back. You’ll also increase your chances to win in our games and drawings by earning up to 200 tickets per $1 spent.
Accelerate Your Gains with
Accelerate Your Gainswith
Stacked benefits work across all PrizePool rewards Neither Evolve Bank & Trust nor the FDIC are involved with Stacked, sweepstakes, rewards or savings bonuses.
PrizePool PrizePool Stacked
Annualized Savings Bonus (Paid Monthly) 0.30% minimum on all balances 4.50% minimum on your entire balance
Debit Cash Back Odds
1:20 for 5% cash back1:400 for 100% cash back
1:10 for 5% cash back1:200 for 100% cash back
Referral Bonus 10% of referrals' winnings 20% of referrals' winnings
Savings Ticket Accrual 1x tickets per $1 per day (e.g. $100 earns you 700 tickets per week) 2x tickets per $1 per day (e.g. $100 earns you 1400 tickets per week)
Debit Tickets 100x tickets per $1 spent 200x tickets per $1 spent
Price Free $10/month
Annualized Savings Bonus (Paid Monthly)
PRIZEPOOL 0.30% minimum on all balances
PRIZEPOOL Stacked 4.50% minimum on your entire balance
Debit Cash Back
PRIZEPOOL 1:20 for 5% cash back 1:400 for 100% cash back
PRIZEPOOL Stacked 1:10 for 5% cash back 1:200 for 100% cash back
Referral Bonus
PRIZEPOOL 10% of referees’ winnings
PRIZEPOOL Stacked 20% of referees’ winnings
Savings Ticket Accrual
PRIZEPOOL 1x tickets per $1 per day (e.g. $100 earns you 700 tickets per week)
PRIZEPOOL Stacked 2x tickets per $1 per day (e.g. $100 earns you 1400 tickets per week)
Debit Tickets
PRIZEPOOL 100x tickets per $1 spent
PRIZEPOOL Stacked 200x tickets per $1 spent
PRIZEPOOL Stacked $10/month
Our Top Winners
$10,000 Kun Z. California
$1565 Jada I. Washington
$630 Jose R. California
$500 Ryan M. Florida
$500 Alice S. Texas
$500 Steven V. Texas
If you're a saver If you're a saver, you have to use PrizePool. The fact that it has a way higher interest rates than even the best online savings accounts makes it a no-brainer!
Excellent service and product - Legitimate and better than any other savings account The PrizePool app and support team are excellent. They are the real deal and can't recommend them enough. Their savings product is safe, legitimate, easy-to-use and fun. They listen to feedback from their customers and move quickly, which is why I've increased my investment over time
PrizePool makes saving money fun PrizePool makes saving money fun! I've been looking for an alternative to my bank's 0.5% savings account but nothing too risky. Every Friday there is a new drawing, your odds are determined by how many tickets you have and your tickets are determined by how much you have deposited into Prize Pool. I have been pleasantly surprised with the 8% returns I have received from Prize Pool (YMMV)
Great Alternative to a Savings Account or CD I'm using this as a better (ie higher yield) alternative to a traditional savings account or CD. So far, my APY has been ~9%. Note 1: don't be discouraged if you don't win much early on. The odds are in your favor over at least a month or two. Note 2: your expected APY will continue to go down as PrizePool becomes more popular, but anywhere above 1% or 0.5% is competitive. So, PrizePool will be a competitive option for awhile.
Great app I was skeptical at first just because it has to do with finances, but this model really is common in other places in the world. It makes so much more sense than a traditional savings account, would you rather get $0.50 a month or have a shot at $20k, $500, $20 etc.
Best App For Saving Money I love this app it's so easy to use and it pays high APY and it gives you the chance to win cash prizes that's the best part is wining the prizes the app gives you a digital debit card that you can use to get extra tickets for your spending and put them towards the prizes and there coming out with a feature that lets you earn 4.50% interest on your balances that alone give this app so much value I love how the app is always trying to get better then all there competition I Give this app 5 stars for all it offers it's absolutely Amazing
Saving As of what I've learned and seen this app is pretty well interesting? I really encourage other to give this app a chance I've received already what my original back would have paid me on the amount l've saved it not much but we all start from somewhere to see how things will turn out yes I was skeptical about the app in the beginning but using it and seeing I'm able to use my card like my other debit cards then I was pleased of the way that was set up and the APY really encouraged me the most to give the app a chance and I'm satisfied so far with how the company is handling my business and caring for my money Thanks Once Again.
How much do I need to deposit to my PrizePool account to get started?
Any amount! Even $1 saved will earn you 1 ticket per day that you can use on either the weekly drawing or PrizeWheel
How does the Savings Bonus work?
Each PrizePool customer receives monthly payments from PrizePool equal to a 0.30% annualized savings bonus (4.50% for Stacked members) based on the available balance of their account. Your monthly payment is calculated as follows: (Average Monthly Balance x 0.30%) x (# of Days in the Month / Days in the Year).
What are my odds of actually winning a cash prize in the weekly drawings?
The odds of winning a prize depend on two factors:
How many depositors there are
How many tickets you have accrued. Remember that every $1 saved in your PrizePool account earns you 1 ticket per day (e.g. $100 saved earns you 100 tickets per day and 700 tickets per week) or 2 tickets per day for Stacked members.
How do the weekly drawings work?
Every Friday, we mix all the tickets that are entered into the weekly drawings together and randomly pick the winners - starting with the largest prize amount (by value) and then down the list of prizes by prize size value.
Once the first winner is picked, we then remove the rest of that winner's tickets from the drawing since a customer can only win one prize per drawing.
After the winner's tickets have been removed, we proceed to pick the next largest prize based on denomination.
We continue steps 1-3 until all the prizes have been awarded.
Are my funds safe with PrizePool?
Only deposits are held by Evolve Bank & Trust and its partner banks and are covered by the FDIC standard deposit insurance amount. The standard deposit insurance amount is $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank, for each account ownership category. Through sweep networks, these funds may be eligible for up to $500,000 in FDIC insurance, learn more here.

Neither Evolve Bank & Trust nor the FDIC are involved with Stacked, sweepstakes, rewards or savings bonuses.
Do I have to pay for Stacked to use PrizePool?
No. All PrizePool members can enjoy PrizePool’s benefits without having to sign up for Stacked. Please refer to this chart to compare the benefits between PrizePool and PrizePool Stacked.
Will I be able to deposit and withdraw money any time with PrizePool?
Yes, your funds remain liquid while in PrizePool, whether you are a Stacked member or not. You can deposit and withdraw at your discretion your available balance.
You can request Level 2 withdrawal limit for accounts over $25,000. Contact Support for more details.