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A New Cash Back Experience
Earn real cash prizes for your purchases. Every time you shop through our platform, earn a percentage of your spending as cash back – it’s like getting paid to shop! Plus, get more chances of winning $1 million any time, any day. Join the waitlist to learn when we launch Cash Back.
How it works
Turn your purchases into cash rewards! Shop through our platform, earn cash back on your spending – it's shopping that pays you! Plus, unlock more chances to win $1 million anytime. Sign up now and begin saving!
Upgrade your shopping experience Earn on purchases from top brands and enjoy the excitement of scoring your entire shopping spree for free. Join now and transform every purchase into a rewarding adventure!
Earn tickets for every purchase You'll also earn bonus tickets for every $1 spent, giving you more chances to win $1 million or thousands of other cash prizes
Combine with our Debit Card for more chances If you also use our PrizePool Debit Card when shopping you'll have double the fun of winning your entire purchase back and extra bonus tickets.
Make every purchase a winner
Earn more cash while you browse and shop from your desktop or smartphone
When will the PrizePool Shopping be available?
PrizePool Shopping is launched in the app now. Download the app in iOS or Android to sign up today.
When will I know if I won?
After making a qualified transaction through PrizePool Shopping in the app you’ll receive a push notification. Once the transaction is verified by the merchant you’ll have the opportunity to spin the Cash Back Wheel for the potential to increase your reward!
Is everyone eligible for the PrizePool Shopping?
PrizePool Shopping Cash Back is eligible for users who reside 18+ years old and reside within the US. Download now.
Hear from what our users have to say about PrizePool
A word from our users:
Wish I knew about this sooner
This is a neat alternative to regular savings accounts. I'm just disappointed that I didn't find out about it sooner.
Great Experience
PrizePool is a fun and exciting way to save money and earn dividends on your investment. All transactions have been smooth, no problems. Have earned more dividends in the last couple of months compared to bank dividends from all of last year.
Thrill of a lottery but no risk
Great savings app the thrill of playing a scratcher but able to keep your money...
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