Saving Bonus of 0.30%

We heard from a lot of you and we’re excited to share that in addition to all of the prizes that we offer today, we are also adding a monthly Saving bonus of 0.30%*!

Saving Bonus of 0.30% starting in April 

  • The Saving bonus of 0.30% will be in addition to any prizes that you win! So if you don’t win a prize, you’ll still win with the Saving bonus.
  • Starting in April, the effective Saving bonus will be 0.30%*, paid out on a monthly basis. The first bonus will be paid out on May 1st.
* The Savings Bonus refers to monthly payments from PrizePool equal to a 0.30% annualized return based on the available balance of the account. Please see Savings Bonus Terms for more info.