How an Attitude of Gratitude Can Shape Your Reality
A woman holds up a plaque reading, “grateful” in all capital letters.

The holidays are a great time to focus on gratitude. With a holiday literally dedicated to giving thanks and spending time with family and friends, it is pretty easy to do – on that one day. Why should we only give thanks in November and December? Determining how to be more grateful will improve your life year-round.

Mindset is extremely crucial to your happiness, stress levels, and the way you handle other situations in life (including finances). By having an attitude of gratitude, you can focus on the positive aspects of life. Make gratitude a daily practice by following these tips:

Journal or Reflect Daily

Writing in a journal is a great way to focus on the important things in life. It forces us to take a few minutes to reflect on what is going well and what is going poorly. Creating a gratitude list can help you hone in on the good things. If you’re wondering what to write in a gratitude journal, you could start by including the people in your life, recent accomplishments, and even fun things like your favorite restaurant or movie. Regularly writing in a journal and updating your gratitude list will help you develop a more positive outlook on life.

Verbally Express Gratitude

Everyone loves feeling appreciated. Show your gratitude for those around you by telling them something you love about them. “Words of Affirmation” is one of the five love languages, after all. Expressing your feelings can create a culture of gratitude in any group of friends, family, or office. If you don’t feel comfortable expressing gratitude verbally, try writing thank-you notes. People often write these after grad parties and wedding receptions, but delivering spontaneous gratitude letters might be even more meaningful.

Appreciate the Little Things

You can find gratitude in the smallest of places. Look around and appreciate sunsets, food, and friendships. Go for a hike or nature walk to appreciate the world around you.

Take a Deep Breath

Life is hard. We all face challenges that can weigh us down. Take a deep breath and learn to love the challenges in your life. Trials make us stronger as they prepare us for future challenges. With an attitude of gratitude, your mind can put a positive spin on the hard things in your life.

Carefully Choose How You Use Your Savings

Don’t waste your money on impulse buys or peer-pressured purchases. These may not provide you with the same amount of happiness as things you plan and save up for. Use your money in ways that help you remain thankful. You can maintain a healthy relationship with money by carefully choosing what you spend it on.

To feel even better about the money you are saving, consider using a prize-linked savings account. Save money and win prizes – what better way to increase your gratitude than by winning cash prizes?

A thank-you note and a pen sitting on a rustic wooden table.

Start Now

No matter where you are in your life, start today. Simply start your gratitude list, write a thank-you note, and take a deep breath. You are already well on your way to having an attitude of gratitude. We hope these tips will positively shape your reality.