Vault helps you earn more
Don’t miss out on the chance to earn more from your hard earned money.
Earn 4% Savings Bonus on your balance within Vault
All funds within Vault earns 4% Annualized Savings Bonus that’s paid out at the beginning of every month.
Earn 2x the amount of tickets
All funds within Vault generate 2x the number of tickets giving you even more chances to win in our Weekly Drawings!
Earn more, faster
Earning a 4% Annualized Savings Bonus is great but in addition, you’re also earning even more chances in our Weekly Drawings!
Earn more chances to win.
Did someone say fast?
Fast deposit and withdrawal

Quickly move your funds into Vault from your PrizePool Wallet. The same applies with drawing funds back to your PrizePool Wallet from Vault.

Start earning from day 1

Start earning 4% when funds are moved into Vault.

Backed by USDC

All funds are held with our secured 3rd party parnter and is converted to USDC.

When will the PrizePool Vault be available?
Fall 2022
How does Vault work?
Vault is powered by USDC and held with our 3rd party partner.
Is Vault Safe?
Our provider has industry standard security mechanisms to protect your funds. Funds in this account is not covered by FDIC Insurance and could be subject to loss due to market volitility. Separately, funds are stored in USDC which is a 1:1 digital currency backed by the US dollar.
Is everyone eligible for the PrizePool Vault?
Only eligible for users who are 18+ years old and who reside within the US. Users will also have to pass our bank's identity verification process to be eligible.
How does the waitlist work?
The waitlist will be first come, first served to any eligible user.
A word from our Savers:
Highly recommend
We have been big fans of Prize-Linked Savings for a long time, and believe it has the potential to reshape savings habits in America. We’re glad to have found an excellent team to execute on this.
Highly recommend
PrizePool makes putting money in a savings account actually fun and worthwhile. With interest rates so low, it's a no brainer - and I love having shots at grand prizes!
Highly recommend
When I met Frank and Joe, the founders, I knew they were serious about building a real business with the purpose to help change people’s financial lives
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