How to Save Money and Still Have Fun
A couple establishes a budget to demonstrate how to save money and still have fun

Achieving goals to save money can seem like a daunting task. You might think you have to sacrifice having fun in order to save money. Fortunately for you, that is not the case. There is plenty you can do to have fun, even on a budget. In this blog, we give you a few ideas of how to save money and still have fun.

Establish a Budget

Your money-saving journey should start with establishing a budget. A budget is essentially a plan for how you will spend your money. Sticking to your budget can prevent you from making unnecessary purchases. It is wise to plan for significant expenses and build that into your budget. Such expenses can include house or car payments, groceries, planned medical expenses, or even family vacations. 

Set aside “fun” money when forming your budget. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, but enough to occasionally do things you enjoy. Having a planned amount of money dedicated to recreational activities will help you save money without feeling like you’re making a big sacrifice.

Use a Fun Money-Saving App

Why put your money in a boring savings account? A fun money-saving app like PrizePool can make even the act of saving money a fun thing to do. Each dollar you save grants you a raffle ticket for weekly and monthly giveaways. What could be more fun than winning big and growing your savings? Plus, it’s safe! We offer FDIC insurance and guarantee 0.3% APY. So you can rest assured that you’re saving safely and having fun while doing it.

Save for Something Big

Do you want to go on a vacation with your family, friends, or significant other? Do you want to buy a new car? A new home? Save for it! Saving a little money each month can eventually provide you with enough money to buy most things. Having a fun goal in mind will keep you motivated to save and help you stick to your budget. Once the item you have saved up for is yours, you will realize that the saving was all worth it.

Be Savvy About the Cinema

There are ways to save money and still do plenty of the things you love. If seeing new movies in theaters is something you enjoy, find discounted tickets. While weekend night tickets are always full-priced, most theaters offer cheaper ticket prices in the mornings. These are called matinee showings. Some theaters will even discount the first showings of the day on top of the already lower matinee price.

A couple drinks soda at the movie theater

Many theaters also use Tuesdays or another weeknight as a discounted ticket night. Because fewer people see movies on that day, they charge less for tickets to encourage budgeting theater-goers to see a movie. That’s you! Skipping the opening night of a new film can save you up to half the ticket price. Waiting to see it the next morning or the following Tuesday is not the end of the world.

Social Appetizers

Eating at restaurants can be expensive, but don’t feel like you have to stay home if your friends decide to eat out. Take a look at the appetizer section of the menu. While still being great options and plenty of food, appetizers can be as little as 20-50% the cost of an entree. Stick to water and skip dessert, and your bill will be far more manageable.


Saving money does not have to be a drag. It can be fun! You can still go to the movies and eat at restaurants while sticking to your budget. There are creative ways to save money while doing what you love, no matter your hobby. Opening a high-yield savings account with PrizePool can make saving money easier and more fun.